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          Gbook|Collection|簡體中文Welcome to Zhongyi Heavy Industry website.
          Service hotline:0760-87616888

          Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

          1985-201630 yearsBrilliant

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          Our strength

          • We are China's largest R & D and production unit of Quay crane products.
          • We have a professional product research and development base.

          Quality assurance

          • We strictly control every link in the production of the products.
          • We have more than 20 years of experience in the production of Quay crane products


          • Our products are complete in variety and quantity.
          • Any Quay crane products can be found here.

          Adequate supply

          • We have a large production base, to ensure adequate supply of products.
          • Our products are sold all over the world

          Contact memore

          Service hotline:0760-87616888


          Ouradvantagegdzyzg Four advantages

          Choose us, so that your business is more excellent!

          30 years of research and development experience inQuay crane products

          01.30 yearsexperienceWe are more professional!

          From the PMMA Quay crane was born to the present,We R & D Quay crane 30 years

          02.Senior R & D teamWith the international leading technology!

          We have a professional R & D team, and first-class brand long-term cooperation

          03.Many customersProvide the first line of fiber products

          We have long-term cooperation with IBM, CISCO, EMERSON, Venice group and so on.

          04.Strong strengthCooperation with top Quay crane manufacturers

          We in Dongli and Japan, MITSUBISHI, Asahi and other companies have a long-term strategic cooperation

          Global unified service hotline:0760-87616888


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          About usMore+

          About us

          About us

          Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.  was founded in 1985, is located in the beautiful environment of the great hometown - Zhongshan City, North Guangzhou, south of Zhuhai, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and convenient transportation, is the United Nations Common Fund for commodities (CFC), the first batch of four hot dip galvanizing of environm…...



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          Service Online

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          • Mr Zhang: QQ907174655
          • Telephone
          • 0760-87616888
          • 0760-87616555
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